A comprehensive catalogue of curious codswallop and meaningless miscellanea

So what’s it called?
The Blue Crane Cottage

And like, where is it?
About 25km East from Caledon, in the Western Cape Province of South Africa

Cool. Did you get plans and stuff?
Date plans approved: November 12, 2014
Date ground broken: December 04, 2014

Isn’t it made of wax, or something?
Not exactly: it’s a straw bale in-fill (non-load bearing) construction

Oh yeah? A big one?
Square footage: 16.5m x 8.5m (ground floor) + 8.5m x 8.5m (1st floor)

My apartment has a bedroom which is also kinda the kitchen. Is yours like that too?
No, we opted for the multi-room approach. There’s a kitchen, lounge, dining room, study, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

Wait, so even the floor and roof is made of straw?
No, the floor is a concrete slab covered in screed and the roof is specially-coated zinc aluminum, on a wooden structure.

Number of cement blocks used: over 3000
Wow. That’s…wow.

Number of straw bales used: 498
That doesn’t seem like much. Those are big, though, I’ve seen them in fields and stuff. Must be tough to make walls from round bales…
Not those kind, we used the small bales, they measure 350mm x 450mm x 900mm
Oh…is that metric?

Number of cubic metres of sand used: including foundation filling, concrete work and plastering: probably 100
Oh…is that metric?

Number of failed compaction tests: 1
Number of sacks of sawdust used for compost loo: 6
Number of small millipedes entombed in our plastered walls: 633,419
Hours of sleep lost worrying about exposed bales getting wet: 1,523
Number of times costs underestimated: 26
Number of mice crushed under refrigerator: 2 and counting
Number of times Eskom has imposed load shedding since we began: 29
Name of resident dog: Bruno
Number of 2.5kg sacks of sugar consumed by team: 3,267
Number of laptops killed in the creation of this blog: 1


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